What’s Different “Hair Fall” and “Hair Loss”?

Women often panic if her hair falls out when shampooing or combing. Then take a quick solution by cutting his hair. In fact, to deal with hair loss should be seen the first problem, then handle it according to the root of the problem. Cutting hair is not a solution for hair loss. Hair loss is caused by many things. Can be due to stress, hormonal changes, diet, even incorrect hair arrangement. Long hair, for example, gives more weight to the hair roots. Especially if often in a tight ponytail, this makes the roots of hair choked and lack of oxygen. Finally, the hair fell out. In addition to a tight pigtail, the process of pulling hair when blow also interferes with hair. Trimming hair to reduce hair loss is not the solution. Because hair is falling out it’s time to fall out. Want to cut short too, if his destiny fall he will be detached from his roots. The difference between hair fall hair (hair fall) with baldness (hair loss). The handling of these two issues will be very different. Because of different treatments, then you can not do the treatment carelessly. You can see what kind of hair care you have in our guidebook that you can get at www.reviewsfactor.com.

If hair fall usually you will realize hair loss when combing or shampooing. But if it’s hair loss hair is suddenly thinning without your even knowing it. Or start from the emergence of a small bald on the head. Better to first identify the cause of hair loss, then immediately handle. Perform good hair care to nourish from the outside, and a healthy lifestyle to nourish hair from the inside. If hair loss and thinning are severe, consult your doctor immediately before it’s too late. Use of shampoo and conditioner alone can strengthen the hair up to 90 percent. If added hair tonic containing arginine seven times more will strengthen the roots of hair up to 124 percent. Amino acids such as Arginine can help hair growth and hair loss prevention. If the hair loss is only five hairs, it is still very normal. But if the fall has reached 100 strands a day, about a handful of hands, need to watch out for. Before that happens it’s good to do prevention with hair care and apply a healthy lifestyle.

James W. Wager