What Causes Male Hormone Testosterone Low?

Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone. Testosterone deficiency or imbalance can affect sexual development, fertility, and even increase the risk of chronic diseases. In early pregnancy, this hormone will determine whether the fetus will be male or female. Lack of this hormone during pregnancy will lead to a condition called ambiguous genitals, where from examination outside the sex of newborns is not clear. If testosterone deficiency (hypogonadism) occurs during puberty, this can slow growth and disrupt the development of secondary male characteristics. Boys with this condition do not experience sound changes, and their genital organs are not perfect, for example, their penises and testes are small. Meanwhile, hypogonadism experienced by adult men will cause a person’s sexual function is disrupted. Men with low testosterone levels will experience symptoms of fatigue, sluggishness, low libido, and erectile dysfunction. Mood swings, irritability, and depression can also accompany hypogonadism. Of course, this condition will greatly affect you in the future, therefore you must take steps by taking consumption of our supplement from testogen. Are you worried about what are the side effects of our products? You do not have to worry because testogen ingredients are ginseng extract, D-Aspartic Acid, Selenium which helps you keep the condition of your testosterone hormone.

There are several causes of male hypogonadism. If testosterone deficiency occurs during growth or before puberty, it can be caused by damage to the testes. “Congenital genetic disorders, such as chromosomal damage, or because the testes are inflamed or traumatized.This condition is also called primary hypogonadism.Meanwhile, the secondary hypogonadism of the testes develops normally but does not function normally due to lack of stimulation of the pituitary hormone in the brain. unhealthy lifestyle, high-stress hormones so depressed.Chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome characterized by blood sugar levels and high cholesterol and fat accumulation in the stomach can also cause testosterone to decline.Most of the patients with metabolic diseases also experience erectile dysfunction also experienced hypogonadism Therefore, all three must be treated together, while there will be improvements.

James W. Wager