Walking a dog 101: Discipline, calmness, and the right situation

Make sure the route you choose to take your dog for a walk is a safe and convenient route for him. Not many vehicles passing by so as not to harm it and not too crowded so as not to make it feel uncomfortable. Generally, dog owners will take their dogs for a walk around the housing complex and avoid the highway. However. you can also take your beloved dog for a walk in the garden near the house or field. Just don’t forget to train it properly and also use the suitable dog training leash.

Consider Weather & Time Conditions

Always look at the weather on the day you will take your dog for a walk. Make sure the weather outside is good, does not indicate it will rain nor too hot. Avoid walking when the wind tip is tight. Usually, a walk is done in time and evening when the weather is sunny and not too hot. Ideally at 7-9 am or 4-5 pm.

Begin Walking When The Dog Seems Calm

Walking is a fun activity for dogs and dogs will usually be hyperactive because they are too perky. You can have your dog stay in place for some time to make it more silent.

Make Sure You Are In Front & Dog Walk Near You

Being in front when walking with a dog signifies to the dog that you are the leader, you who determine the course. Keep the dog away from walking too far from you. Make sure it is always on the side or behind you. If the dog is walking beside you, it is better to position the dog on your left side to avoid the passing vehicle.


Do not let your dog kiss the street, try to grab a trash can, chase a cat, or take a litter. Give him time to defecate where he should be. You can forbid it by pulling on a little bridle and say “No” or “No” to it.

James W. Wager