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Local SEO expert London that been a hot topic around the business industry specifically in London is none other than Jacques Vrolijkn. He has been in this industry and had much experience over two decades and I can make sure that he is really competent and experienced in Local SEO and E-commerce business. He used a different kind of approach for the local SEO services. Most SEO consultants used comment features for their Local SEO, however using that approach did not give you a significant result and only gives more problems as it can create more spam. Based on this, he used to maximize the product that been well-known is the market and used it as the fast gateway to create new local SEO products for goods that not yet receives more attention from the customer.

The service we offer aside from Local SEO consultant is various. There is two other program we offer first is Local SEO training as its program names, we are open a class for the people who interested and eager to learn more about E-commerce and local SEO, you can invest in your staff or even yourselves by learning it. The second and the last is SEO healthy check-up it is like a medical checkup that we used to attend, in this program we will “scan” your website along with the help of your website programmer to check if your site is good enough or need a two or more fix to enhance the site performs to attract more customer thus will increase your product sales. To get our services you can contact us at 07585002294 or visit our website on and leave your question in the comment box we already have. Strengthen and gain your valuable local customer with our advice from a local expert!

James W. Wager