Tips for choosing the reliable drumsticks

One of the musical instruments in a band or similar percussion group is a drum set which will be played by means of sticks using a special stick called drumsticks. Without this one tool, it’s obvious you can not play a drum type drum equipment (unless you play drum of course). For a beginner, perhaps all sticks are just the same usage that is only hit on a drum membrane. But for a person who has understood and know the comfort of a performance, he or she would not be originally in choosing the best drumsticks because of the mistake in choosing a drumstick in addition to making us play a less comfortable will also disrupt the performance of your appearance on stage later.

As for some tips in choosing good drumsticks include the following:


Adjust to the type of music being played

The first time you will buy a drumstick must be tailored to what music will you play. For example, jaz music genre would be better to use a brush drum type, for latin or country music would be very nice to use stick type bundle stick and the like. As for the types of drumsticks as well as what music is suitable is as follows.

This type of drumstick is made of light wood but good quality like maple wood, oak, or hickory. Stick drum this one is very suitable for music rock genre because the blow of this stick can produce a pretty loud tone. of course, this type of sticks can also be used for any type of music including POP music.

This drumstick is made of the same material as the wooden sticks, only the difference at the end of the stick is that there is a bandage or nylon coating. this model sticks are reserved for those of you who do not want the equipment damaged by scratches. Its use is more applied to the electric drumset in order to avoid damaging the drumming of pet flakes and scratches. This type of drumstick model is also able to produce a very loud sound on the cymbal.

James W. Wager