The meaning behind the word patent

The patent laws and rights will always be necessary for any inventor to learn, even for those who simply developing some old systems, ideas, and tools. Protecting your own work can be an absolute necessity, and you might also need to hire the best and the most reputable Patent Attorney for the sake of protecting the credit of your invention and discovery. Aside from that, you bet that learning about the patent thoroughly can also be an important thing for every new inventor to do.

The term patent originates from Latin which means opened and contrary to Latent which means veiled, therefore that an invention which obtains the patent becomes open to public knowledge. With such openness does not mean anyone can practice the invention can be utilized by others. Only after its patent protection expires is the public domain, at which point it is completely open. With the opening of a new invention, provide information necessary for further technological development under the invention and to instruct those interested in exploiting the invention.

Based on the preceding explanation, therefore, the patent is the exclusive (exclusive) rights granted to an inventor of invention made in the field of technology, whether in the form of a product or process only, on the basis of that privilege, to utilize the results of this invention except with his permission or the inventor himself to carry out the findings.

This privilege is granted for a certain period of time, after which the findings become public property. Accordingly, any patented invention, invention or utilization of such findings. The patent shall be granted on the basis of the petition filed by the applicant, and if the patent is accepted as required by the holder to perform the patent thereof. For the inventor of a right to protection of this invention or can be referred to as monopoly, it may be regarded as a tribute to his or her intellectual idea.

James W. Wager