The Causes of Toilet Clogged!

Toilets are often clogged at home is a very serious problem and must be addressed. The reason, when the toilet is clogged, usually the flow of discharged water will not flow perfectly. Thus, it can cause water to continue to settle outside the toilet pit. When this happens, certainly makes you want to immediately replace it with a new one. But now you do not need to replace it with a new one because you simply call the service plumbers in Edmonton that can quickly solve your toilet problem quickly and accurately.

However, before fixing at once replace it, know first what exactly the cause of the channel in your house is often clogged? Here’s the review!

Foreign objects enter the toilet pit.
The first cause that can make a drain in your home can be clogged is due to the entry of foreign objects into the toilet hole. Like, for example, wrap shampoos, used sanitary pads, small plastic, hair, and so on. Because, this incoming foreign body is not a substance that can be dissolved in water, so this is the cause of why water channels can be clogged. If this has happened, you should help by giving him white vinegar mixed with baking soda, dishwashing soap, caustic soda, and shampoo added with hot water.

Septic Tanks used do not have exhaust gas.
Another cause that can cause toilets in your home is clogged is caused by a septic tank used for sewerage does not have a gas discharge. Seeing this, certainly not surprising that the water channels in your house were always clogged, although it has been repaired repeatedly.

The pipe used to drain the dirt is too small.
You should know different types of pipes in order to use the type for the right function. Make sure, when you will use a pipe that is used to drain all kinds of dirt should use a large pipe. Therefore, the pipeline is too small, it can actually cause the toilet channel becomes clogged. Although you’ve repeatedly fixed it the pipe used size is very small, it can be ascertained that your toilet line will often experience clogged.

There was a blockage in the neck of the pipe.
Furthermore, causing the toilet can get clogged due to a blockage that occurs in the neck pipe. Usually, this blockage occurs due to the entry of foreign objects that cannot be destroyed by water such as wrap shampoo, hair, former pads, and others.

James W. Wager