The better ways to have a good domain name

Currently it is quite difficult to get a short domain with common keywords. Generally, such domains have been purchased many people, even though the domain is not / not yet used for the website. Many people like to buy a good domain name to be sold again at a more expensive price. If you really need a domain like that and have enough cost, then, please. But if not, you can still search for other domain names with some additional auxiliary words. Aside from that, avoiding the free domain names can be a lot better, so you may also need to check out the Cheap domain names for the better domain name with the affordable price.

For example, if domain is not available then you can try adding additional keywords like or Use additional keywords such as selling, buying, booking, messaging, stock, and so on to create domain variations.

You can also try combining two or more keywords into one new word. For example Language You will not find this word in any dictionary. It has become a new name or keyword that also became the name of the business brand. Another example, suppose the keyword properties and texas can be combined into

Involve other teams/people to search for domain names

Sometimes you have to ask for opinions from other people, your friends, your family, or strangers. People who do not even have an insight into how to choose a good domain name as described above, will sometimes see from different angles and bring up names that you can develop again. Two heads are better for brainstorming than one head.

Useless general extensions

The last tip is, take advantage of top-level domains (TLD) that people rarely use. TLD is a suffix or domain extension such as .com, .net, .co.n, .id and so on. If you want the domain name ‘property’ but already exists, you can use other extensions like, or Each extension has a different price, but the opportunity availability is large.

James W. Wager