The basic definition of hosting and domain

Okay, let’s go back to basics first. The most basic things about website creation issues. Apparently, there are still many who do not really understand what the domain and what is hosting or reseller hosting service.

So, What is Hosting?

If likened to a house or building, hosting is like the land where the building was standing. The more land, the more freely we will be in the building, to be formed as what is up to us.

While building a house that can be likened to our website. Want to be formed tilted, straight, elongated, or widened, yes like us.

But the difference is in the building we can put a variety of furniture, cupboards, mattresses, refrigerators, tables, chairs, etc., on our website put various kinds of files in the form of text, images, and application files.

Well, then how do we use hosting?

How to use hosting is to rent hosting first. How to get it is also easy, just find a provider or hosting provider that is around you. Or, just search the internet.

That’s the simple picture.

So do not have a headache, do not be complicated. The easiest to describe what is hosting is the analogy of the building and the land earlier.

Then, what about domains? I will discuss in other articles, please read below:

Still using the building and ground analogy as when I describe the definition of hosting.

Like a building, the land where the building stands is hosting, while the building is the website, and the address of the building is the domain.

Often people are turned upside down in understanding this term. Do not worry, you are not alone, I was once so. Well, now it is my duty to convey to you.

Then to have it, you can buy it from the domain provider or domain provider.

One thing to remember, this domain name does not mean after you buy then it could be yours and so on. No … Ownership of a domain name exists. Minimum 1 year. And after expired, you can extend if you still want to use it.

Ideally, when choosing a domain name to be used there is the memorable and easy to be spoken one. Making it easier for other people who want to visit your site. Try you read tips on choosing a domain name, in the article described how to choose a domain name.

Furthermore, if you already have a domain address, make sure to connect with your hosting server so that the domain can be accessed. The term is IP pointing. It means point your IP address to your IP hosting domain. After that new people can see you on the internet.

In addition, there are also some terms that are often used, such as:

Sub Domains
Addon Domain
Parking Domain

Well, presumably it used to be a discussion of what a domain is. If you still feel less understood, please pass on the comment field below. Maybe useful.

James W. Wager