Style and Color Emma Stone Hair That Can Be Inspiration

Who does not know Emma Stone? The Academy Awards 2017 actress for Best Actress is not only known for her acting skills, but also from her hairstyle revolution. In a way, Emma Stone is included in the line of artists who are very diligent to change her appearance on a regular basis, whether it’s in every movie starring to the movie award ceremony that he attended. No wonder if his appearance always looks fresh, huh? Therefore, we have summarized seven Emma Stone hairstyles that, who knows, can be an inspiration to you. Guess what year was this picture taken? This photo was taken in 2006, more precisely at the time, Emma attended the Replay Jeans event, exactly one year before her new movie “Superbad” aired in theaters. Emma looks very beautiful with long straight hairstyle and bangs. Her brown hair fits perfectly with the color of her eyes. There is a young and casual impression resulting from this style. How can this hairstyle be perfect? The answer is simple, with just one tool that will make your hair look very well that is Brands of hair straightener irons.

Emma re-appear with her signature color, namely red hair and with a very chic side-swept hairstyle. Well, this hairstyle really suitable for you who have a round face type with medium length hair. Want to try to imitate this hairstyle? Who would have thought the retro hairstyle still hits to this day? This old-fashioned hairstyle was re-popularized by Emma who performed in public with her wavy retro hairstyle in 2014. This style can also be used by you with short hair, really. The result remains as sweet as those with long hair. This photo was taken in 2007, but it is very memorable because you can see Emma Stone’s long hair with side bangs style. The bangs framed her face perfectly. you who have a long face or a narrow forehead area, try also this side bangs style to disguise it. Emma has also appeared with a short hairstyle, you know! He looks very beautiful and also looks younger with his bob hairstyle. Plus the bumpy hair texture makes it look very elegant.

The updo hairstyle in the form of a very concise flush, not only makes Emma look very neat. With her bangs and dangling ends, Emma looks cuter. This hairdo trick can be imitated by you who have a wide forehead. If there is someone who can give an example of Bob Faux’s hairstyle aka the perfect “Fake” Bob, then that person is Emma Stone. She looks very sexy with Faux Bob’s hairstyle while attending the premiere of “The Amazing Spider-Man” in France. Emma’s long hair is formed curly and clipped to produce a short hair effect.

James W. Wager