Solving the scanning problems

Here are things you should know about solving scanning issues. Some decide to learn them before buying scanning device or while gaining information about the scanner. What kind of information do you get from

At the time we will connect the computer to the scanner to perform the scan, the error message “scanner access failed” or “scanner not found” so thwart the scan that will be done.

So, how is the best solution to solve the problem? When you will operate the scanner and suddenly appear one of the messages then most likely the cause is a scanner that has not been connected to the computer hardware. Scanners that have not been connected to this hardware could be due to the SCSI-Interface card is not installed properly. If the SCSI cable is not really connected properly, it will interfere with the relationship between the scanner and the card. Turn off the computer and check the cable connection.

It should also be remembered that when turning on the computer, the scanner device must be turned on before the computer is blamed. The boot process will detect and search the computer connected to the scanner if the device exists. However, the detection process will be ignored if the scanner itself is not yet on. Trivial thing that often happens is the operator does not run the scanner first before turning on the PC.

If you encounter problems such as the computer can connect to the scanner, but at the time of the scan, suddenly the process stopped and the error message “not enough memory”. what is the first thing to do? The message usually occurs because the rest of your hard drive space is very small. Try using a disk utility to increase the remaining space. Alternatively, you can try to scan the image again at a lower dpi level, and at a lower color depth as well, for example, grayscale or black.

James W. Wager