Social Media Effects

In this new modern era, we can see many people using their smartphones every time and everywhere. Technology is growing rapidly because every moment of renewal is always done. Yes, human communication is now more intense in social media than in the real world. This is because we can more freely connect with many people. But in the convenience there are also two different sides of pros and cons, the following will explain the impacts that occur in the use of social media.

• As a promotional venue
With so many people using social networking, it opens our chance to promote the products/services we offer. This we can see with the increased sales and purchases online. Online business is also one of the favorite business because it can bring a lot of profit in a short time.

• A way to add friends
Can add new friends and business relations with ease. In social networking, we can not only be friends with someone from one country but from all over the world. The reach that we get can be wider and may not be able to imagine.

• As communication media
Simplify our communication with people, both at home and abroad where to find information. Many news agencies also seek to use social media as a media to spread the information.

• Sharing place
With features that exist on social media, we can easily exchange data either in the form of photos, documents, or voice messages. We can also video call easily and most importantly it’s free. We do not need to worry about the cost of the phone is quite expensive.

• The emergence of crime
Many people also use social media as a tool to commit crimes such as kidnappings and fraud.

• Disturbing relationships between partners
Social media can also trigger jealousy between couples if the couple is unfairly connected with others.

• Embarking properties
Social media can also cause opium that can lead to the nature of the user to autism or more close to the life around.
But all back again to the person who uses it. Social media is just a liaison device and we as users have to use it well and wisely.

James W. Wager