Outdated SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization now seems to have become a science that many admired and sought various companies. Not a few people who dubbed – or admitted himself – the master of SEO. Indeed, in reality, not many SEO actors who really understand the best way to optimize a website. It’s just that, landscape search, especially Google, which continues to grow to cause an SEO practitioner must continue to develop techniques to achieve maximum results, with efficient work. If you are looking for who can really help you, you can visit seo Toronto.

Here is an outdated SEO technique and should not be done anymore: Repetition of keywords in the content.

This, of course, causes some of you to wonder. Not that SEO is all about keywords? Even any SEO tools or software will provide scores and recommendations based on keyword density in a content. Even class tools Moz also provide suggestions to include keywords in the content created. This is not wrong, it still requires a technique that is actually more advanced than just entering keywords and counting targeted keyword density in a content. Repetition of keywords used from the 90s may help the performance of a web page, but there are still many other factors to consider when optimizing the content. Google wants to view documents or content that intelligently uses words and sentences in a semantic and logical way. This is a system developed to provide the best search results for Google users. With this technology, Google maintains its position as the best search engine for its users. To get the most out of keyword and topic optimization, what should be noted are:

– Relevance of content to the topics covered
– Include answers that help the reader
– Include accurate and credible information

Another outdated technique is the assumption that backlinks are more important than on page optimization. These simple points are often forgotten when running SEO. As an SEO practitioner, it is important to leave a biased way of thinking between links and content that is still inherent. Especially before the Hummingbird update algorithm, web pages that have many backlinks using anchor text do dominate search results. This technique is widely used and indeed proved successful. But with the development of Google algorithm, on page optimization is a factor that is valued more valuable rather than the number of backlinks as assessed provide more value to the reader.

James W. Wager