It’s a Vehicle Number Plate In Some Countries

Vehicle number plates do have different features in each country. In some countries, there are number plates that use bright colors, but in some other countries still, use black and white as the base color of the license plate. A license plate is usually used for the identity of a person’s vehicle. You can do a license plate lookup to find a vehicle that is missing or hit by an unlawful case on the street.

There are several colors that are used as the base color of a vehicle license plate. Although many countries are still using white and black base color in the license plate of their vehicles. some of the colors used on the license plate are used in countries like

1. England, This country uses the yellow color as the base color on the license plate of the vehicle there. In English, the number plate consists of a combination of letters and numbers.

2. Scotland, in this country license plate vehicle, wear yellow tends to approach orange.

3. Saudi Arabia, although it has several times replaced the base color on their vehicle license plate, the State finally chose to use the white base color of their vehicle number pad. to note that the Arabs had also used a blue color that tends to light and dark on the plate number of their vehicles. The country also uses the numbers that apply in Arabic to the license plate of the vehicle there.

4. Japan, this country applies four colors on the license plate of the vehicle that is there. The colors are green, black, white and yellow. Four colors are classified by type of vehicle owned. The number plates in this country are also unique because they use a combination of kanji, hiragana, and numbers.

5. Florida, the number plate here is unique and very interesting because it has a white base color with a combination of green letters and numbers. The color is very contrast and makes the appearance of the vehicle license plate here is very interesting.

James W. Wager