Intelligent Ways to Captivate the Hearts of Women That You Just Know

Have you experienced the condition when you are so interested in the woman you just met? Maybe you can know her in chat rooms or meet directly. Well if yes, then you are in the right place and time. Getting acquainted and hooked is one thing common to every human being, especially men. Moreover, the newly known woman had such enormous charm. Not just pretty physical, but also have a strong inner beauty. To be able to captivate the heart of a new woman you know, it takes a trick and a smart way. Woman is like a dove, look benign but not easily “captured”. That’s why you have to know a clever and no-fuss way to lure behind a woman who has made your heart melt. What are the smart ways? Check it out below!

1. Be Yourself
The biggest mistake the men first encountered with a woman was not being herself. Wanting to captivate the heart of a new woman he knew, the men suddenly “changed shape” into another figure who is considered capable of emitting a different charm. In fact, women prefer the original stuff. Women just hate the attitude and character that full of falsehood, especially if your attitude is too contrived. Cannot get closer, there is a woman that you like even away. So, show your true self in front of women. Demonstrate your own advantages unfiltered by a blanket of falsehood. When she knows there is a falsehood inside of you, then all that remains is just goodbye.

2. Humorous and Fun
Many surveys and research have shown the result that humorous men are preferred by women. In fact, a handsome man was less interesting than a humorous man. However, you do not need a good standup comedy to be a humorous man because the nature of humor is something natural and cannot be forced. Occasionally behaving hilariously or throwing light but funny jokes can be the right trick to captivate a woman. When a woman’s heart has started to be happy with your funny behavior, it has become a signal that she has started to open her heart.

James W. Wager