Hide Your Nervous Feeling With These Four Ways

Making a presentation usually a big problem for some people. Many of them eventually choose to counsel with presentation skills coaching to gain direction on how to provide good preservation. Many things need to be prepared for making the presentation, but it is also important to prepare well. You have to master yourself while doing a presentation. Nervous is a very disturbing for people who are not accustomed to doing presentations and have to do it in public.

However, if you know how, you will be able to hide the nervousness.
Some ways you can use it

1. Set Breathing
A nervous person usually can not control their breathing. they will breathe faster than usual. This will greatly show that you are in a very nervous position. To hide it, you can slowly and slowly regulate your breath. This method can also be used to prevent your spirits becoming increasingly chaotic. With oxygen coming into your body, you can feel the calm that disappears from your body.

2. Speak Slowly
To make the listener understand what you are saying, you should deliver it slowly. By talking slowly will also make you feel more relaxed and comfortable in delivering the material. this will also hide your nervousness. Believe me, being nervous will only brighten up your presentation and break the concentration of listeners.

3. Eye Contact
Keeping eye contact with listeners will also make you more confident. Keep your eyes on them. do not occasionally try to look around the corner or look up. It will only bend them thinking that you are nervous and uninteresting to be listened to.

4. Provide Questions
This one way is very useful to hide your nervousness. You can ask the audience questions or let them ask you something. This will make the audience more nervous than you. It can also be used to divert their attention to you.

James W. Wager