For All the Favors God Gives, Do not Forget to Gratitude

We as humans are sometimes not tired to ask for something we want. However, we also often forget to thank God for everything He has given us, including the life we ??live in today. Being grateful will always make us believe that god is real and will always help us with every problem we find hard. Believing in God means that we should be grateful for every blessing He has given.

– Your Life Is Not Just About Working, There Are Many Things You Should Have Been Grateful For
Who can guarantee in tomorrow morning we maish can see sun and dna breathe fresh air in the morning? The answer, no. You yourself can not even guarantee whether you are still you when tomorrow morning. Those are the secrets of God that we are unable to know. For that, you should be grateful for the breath you still have today. This is one of the blessings you should be grateful for.
On the other side, this world is not a place to play and laze, there are many things and efforts that we must do to get what we want and dream. However, if all we want we get, do not forget to spend your time to always be grateful for what you have.

– Gratitude Will Make You Achieve All Dreams
A lot of evidence will show us that success is the property of those who are grateful. Gratitude will make a person become patient, sincere and have many thanks for the life given. These three things will give a person the power to face all the tests and steps in life. If you are strong to live your life, whatever challenges arise in the journey of fulfilling your dreams, you will continue to struggle.

– Pray With Ikhlas Without Demanding
As humans, we are right to pray and hang all our hopes on God. However, your prayer may seem to be demanding on God. For that, you cannot impose all your will on the decisions that God gives. There are times when you should be more grateful for all the events in your life.

James W. Wager