Features of Windows Loader Activator

For those of you who want to change the operating system of your computer to Windows, it is possible for you to change it yourself. In fact, you can even change it for free. You can do so by using a Windows activator. There are several different kinds of activators for Windows operating systems. If you want to use this activator, you can get the Windows loader now.

One of the activators that have been commonly used is called as Windows Loader. The reason why there are many people who choose to use Windows Loader to help them install Windows for free is that it has several features that other activators might not have. The features are as follows:

– It works on 32-bit and 64-bit systems.
– It can be used for Windows 7 SP1 and all of the other system updates.
– It is available on all system languages.
– It may work to pre-activate Windows.
– This enables you to install custom OEM information
– It has the feature of checking application integrity.
– It allows hidden partitions and one complex setting.
– it can work with Linux GRUB or another boot manager.
– It can work with Hyper-V, VirtualBox, and VMware.
– It can work with some software for hard drive encryption such as BitLocker and TrueCrypt.
– This enables you to add your own external certificates and serials.
– This will install only certificates and serials for users with existing SLICs.
– It features an automated profiling system (This app suits everything for you).
– It will not change any system files.
– It runs before Windows launches.
– There is an extra process executed so you have nothing to eat in your RAM.
– All important parts of windows loader will be encrypted with default encryption.
– Each user has a unique version of windows loader installed on his system.

So, if you fond of the features that Windows Loader can offer to you, then you can download the activator on the internet. After that, you can start installing the version of Windows that can be installed by this program on your device.

James W. Wager