Data For Continuous Operation

The server room is actually one of the main facilities of a data room installation. For the data room, itself is a series of installations in one area shown to be the backbone of IT operations continuously without stopping, herein lies the difference of data room with server room. In a data room, we will encounter a series of design and architecture, it is deployed to achieve a certain level of uptime guarantee because downtime for 1 hour can result in huge losses for tenants. Downtime as happened in recent outage data room events that caused some websites can not be accessed by its users. Thus there is a potential loss of turnover or transaction and also the potential cost of loss, especially for tenants. This will not happen, if the provider of the collocation server facility they lease carries out the maintenance and testing of their disaster recovery system.

The server collocation server paralysis lies in the inability of the UPS to turn on the generator, the fail-over power system should be controlled by the auto switch module so that if a power supply breaks out, the power source can be switched using the genset automatically and seamlessly. In the end, the tenants and their users of a dozen million people do not feel any disturbance. World data room standards will require disaster recovery testing at least two weeks. However, for data room facilities or collocation center providers, they are not granted similar conditions. Keep in mind the data room has a standardization that applies around the world, is with the level of TOER data room. TOER levels are associated with uptime guarantee that can be supported by a data room.

Associated with uptime guarantee provided by the data room, of course, every company that will put the server or does their colocation server must first understand the different data center with colocation center. A data room would be eligible to be a colocation center for the company’s critical mission. The data center that has TIER III certification, then the downtime can be tolerated is about 15 seconds per day or 1.5 hours in one year. Therefore, for the company’s mission critical, it must be a minimum colocation server on the data room Tier III because if TIER II then there will be downtime for 22 hours in a year. Of course, this should you consider with how much time and cost you can tolerate for the number of hours of downtime.

James W. Wager