Characteristics of a Good Company

Working in a good company, like Kyani, must be the dream that any employee has. The characteristics of a good company turned out not to be seen from the number of employees, profits earned by the company or a number of the salary of the employees. There are some other things that turned out to be a benchmark for you to know what a good company is like. Well, here are the characteristics of a good company:

– Business hours are clear and regular. There is also overtime pay if employees are pressed for piling work. In addition, on Saturdays and Sundays, employees are allowed to take a holiday.

– All family members of the employee, such as wife or husband and child, are covered by health care.

– The Company grants its employees the right to an annual leave complete with a minimum allowance of one-time salary.

– A good company gives an annual bonus to employees at least twice the salary.

– Self-development and performance of employees are so important that training, workshops or outbound routine held by the company.

– The company provides a clear career path to its employees.

– For companies that are truly healthy and bonafide, sometimes they provide housing allowances, vehicles, and education for its employees.

– Finally, a good company will provide severance pay and old-age benefits if the employee’s performance period has ended.

For those who have worked, the above points can be used as a reference to assess the state of the company now. It is not easy to be able to work in a company like this. Usually, the company will look for smart and talented employees to fill the available positions after following a series of rigorous tests. But if the company you are currently working cannot meet all the above points, at least the company should be able to provide health benefits, financial support, and retirement support. If these three things are fulfilled by the company, then, it can be categorized as a good one.

James W. Wager