Best Software For Mining Bitcoin

The value of bitcoin is now very high even ever beat the price of gold. No wonder many people start to glance at bitcoin as one of the investments. Now also many emerging new miners the spirit to mine bitcoin. In mining bitcoin, there are two ways that are by using hardware or using the software. Before mining bitcoin with software, you should have a bitcoin wallet. Well if you prefer to mining the bitcoin through hardware then make sure you use best pcie risers for bitcoin mining. In addition, if you choose to use the software then the following reviews!

Bitcoin Miner
For those of you windows users then bitcoin miner software is perfect you try to mine bitcoin. Bitcoin miner is even very easy to use and tells you whether you make a profit or not. The latest bitcoin miner version is bitcoin miner 1.27.0 compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. Another advantage is having a simple display that is easy to use and has a power saving mode. Bitcoin miner can even be used with FPGA boards that require USB for communication and programming.

In addition to bitcoin miner, there is also CGMiner designed based on the original code from CPU Miner. No wonder CGMiner is quite familiar with bitcoin miners. Some of the advantages of CGMiner include having a fan speed control, capable of detecting new blocks with mini-databases, supported multi GPU and CPU and capabilities to perform remote interface.

For those of you, Linux users can also use EasyMiner software to mine bitcoin. EasyMiner is also suitable for solo miner or group. The advantage of this software compared to other bitcoin mining software is being able to display charts of your mining activities. start interested in using it as your bitcoin mining software?

RPC Miner
For Mac OS X users can use RPC Miner as one of the software to mine bitcoin. RPC Miner is compatible with Mac OS 10.6 or above that is integrated with Mac OS APIs.

BTCMiner is an open source for ZTEX USB-FPGA module 1.5. BTCMiner is also compatible with FPGA board which consists of USB programming and communication. You can use BTCMiner with a Xilinx or licensed i.e software bit.

James W. Wager