About Me

Me and my blog

Hey, I am James W. Wager, and this is my blog. I know that you’re visiting this particular page to know who am I and the reason of why I make this blog. The reason is simple. I just love to help people. Sharing the useful information and tips that will make people know more ways to deal with their problems. Even if it’s just to entertain themselves, I will feel glad if the readers are enjoying what I’m trying to do here. Gaining loyal readers isn’t an easy thing, but it’s not my priority in making this blog. As you can see, the internet is originally a huge source of information, and I really wish to restore that function back.

As you can see these days, so many people prefer to use the Internet just to entertain themselves. It’s not a bad thing at all, but it’s quite saddening for me to see that it’s quite hard for many people these days to find the right and useful information that can really help them. So that’s why I really want to help people. Spreading good information and doing good deeds at the same time. It’s not that I’m trying to be cheesy, but please, the internet has gone darker and darker. It breaks my heart to only see and hear people use it for entertainment and even the worse things like porn.

I really love to see the day where people are visiting the Internet to really gain some knowledge, and that’s why I’ve made this blog of mine. The information that you may find in my blog won’t be specific to just a single topic. Instead, It shares about health, lifestyle, technology, and some other things. I just want to share the wide variety of information that I hope can be useful for a lot of readers out there.