5 Best Features On Galaxy Note 8

Giant Technology company, Samsung is believed to be announced Galaxy Note 8 at the Unpacked event on August 23, 2017. Galaxy Note 8 will be Samsung’s latest flagship product this year.

Since a few months ago, various rumors and predictions about Galaxy Note 8 analysts have graced the news in the media. Samsung party began to provide little information about the device, including the month of launch.

Here are some excellent features that are expected to be owned by the Galaxy Note 8:

1. Dual cameras and speakers
Just like a number of the latest flagship smartphone, Galaxy Note 8 will have the dual rear camera. Samsung reportedly set up a photo lens with 12MP sensor and 13MP sensor for wide-angle.

Based on Samsung’s dual camera patent, the rear camera Galaxy Note 8 features optical stabilization and 3x optical zoom.

In addition, the smartphone also has two speakers, each placed at the top and bottom of the body. The presence of these two speakers indicates Samsung incorporates the power of audio or multimedia into focus.

2. Infinity Display 6.3 Inches
In accordance with a number of reports, Samsung is expected to continue to use a thin bezel design Galaxy S8 for Galaxy Note 8. Galaxy Note 8 screen has a size of 6.3 inches with a resolution of 4 428 x 2160 pixels.

Galaxy Note 8 is reported to have a slightly more pointed body design in every corner, to make it easier to put the S Pen stylus.

3. Exynos and Snapdragon 835 Processors
According to some reports, Galaxy Note 8 will slide with two choices of processors Exynos 9 and Snapdragon 835 series. Galaxy Note 8 with each processor will be sold to different regions.

Until now, the Samsung has not confirmed the use of the processor.

4. RAM capacity
Note 8 Galaxy is expected to come with 6GB of RAM and internal memory with a maximum capacity of 256GB. So far the information about RAM is quite trustworthy considering Samsung has previously used 6GB of RAM for C9 Pro, while about 256GB of internal memory is still possible to change.

But if Samsung does not use 256GB of internal memory, Galaxy Note 8 will likely only include options 64 and 128GB.

5. Battery
Galaxy Note 8 will have a smaller battery capacity than its predecessor, Galaxy Note 7. Samsung chose the battery 3.300mAh for the Galaxy Note 8, while the Galaxy Note 7 has 3,500mAh, for reasons of smaller capacity will be much safer.

As is known, the incident exploded a number of Galaxy Note 7 some times ago related to the battery. Due to the incident, Samsung reportedly increased the standard security checks for its product lineup.

More information about the Galaxy Note 8 will be known when the smartphone was announced next month. Samsung Mobile’s CEO, DJ Koh, ensures the Galaxy Note 8 as a highly innovative product.

James W. Wager