30 kg Lose Weight? Is it possible?

If used to be taboo not to eat on time. Now, exactly there is a dietary trend by undergoing fasting. What is it like?
A study states that diet is not a matter of what food should be eaten or should not be eaten. However, the diet depends on the right time to eat.
The term ‘diet’ usually refers to a reduction or restriction of eating. But this does not apply if you try a fast diet. In contrast to the diet in general, this one method actually helps you to adjust your diet.
To undergo a fasting diet, you must be strong to hold hunger for some time. You will only eat twice a day. But you are still allowed to drink water. To do an Intermittent fasting in a proper way it would be better if you visit the website at http://intermittentfasting.net.au/
When you start you may experience difficulties. It is because hunger might provoke anger. Even so, as time passes you will begin to get used to overcoming the hunger. The study of alternative fasting shows that people judge their hunger on the first day of fasting 8 from a scale of 1-10. But after two weeks, the value drops to 3.
At first, try to fast for two weeks first. Remember what you feel and what you eat. If you can and the impact is good for you then continue. Do not be afraid to feel hungry, if it is organized, you will feel full all the time.
Until now there has been no research on long-term fasting. But the benefits you get are very promising and the risks are low. You can also stop it whenever you want.
A study shows that you save more muscle and lose more fat during fasting. This happens because, after 12 hours of fasting, you run out of energy stored in carbohydrates so that the fat that is in your body will burn.
Fasting is about reducing your calories differently by changing your diet. Then set your meal menu and calculate how many calories you get each day. You can also arrange a fasting schedule as you wish. So you can still enjoy the usual days.
No need to fear the food you eat, because your appetite will only rise 10-15% of lust while fasting. This means it will not exceed the calories you have reduced. Good luck!

James W. Wager