3 Tips for making your loft comfortable

Compared to building a high-rise building, the loft or attic is not very large, but more cost-effective and attractive in architecture because it does not change the facade. Even in the western world, making a loft for play areas, studio rooms, or children’s rooms is very common. Meanwhile, you can also hire loft conversions in kent for the best loft conversion service near you.

If you want to try to make an attic at home, there are some things to note to make it more comfortable. These include:

1. Floor Materials

It should be noted that the ceiling of the house will be the loft floor. Therefore, if your ceiling was previously made of lightweight materials (such as plywood or gypsum), you would need to replace it with a stronger material.

It’s just that, since the walls and foundations of the house are not built to accommodate additional space, it is advisable not to use too heavy floor materials. You can use vinyl or wood material.

2. Be Higher

If previously you do not really pay attention to the distance between the ceiling and the tile, in making the attic room this should be a reference. Generally, the distance from the ceiling to the tile sector 1 meter (m), try to be made into 2 m – 3 m so that residents do not duck when walking in the attic.

It can not be denied that the height change and addition of space also change the foundation standard, for that, do not overload the attic space with a lot of furniture. The use of built-in furniture is highly recommended to make your room design multi-functional.


Make access to the attic with the appropriate path. For example, if the attic is intended as a child’s room, use a small staircase, with a material that is not too slippery, but made somewhat wider in order to avoid the things that are not desirable.

Small stairs (not too high) will make the child comfortable when heading to the attic (fit with his steps to avoid the trip).

Likewise the use of materials that are not slippery, such as wood, the purpose so that children do not slip. While the stairs are made a bit wide will make the attic access so more comfortable (not narrow).

James W. Wager