3 Mistakes that may be made in your diet

In an effort to lose weight, surely you are looking for a lot of references and receive advice from friends, nutritionists, and the internet. However, if some suggestions seem to have been followed but there are no significant changes to your body, it may not be entirely valid. This article will describe some suggestions for weight loss that is not true. However, basically, dietary suggestions are not necessarily successful on all types of people’s bodies. Therefore, you should be smart to sort out diet suggestions and see which one works best for you. In the meantime, perhaps you also need to check out zotrim reviews if you wish to know more about a highly-recommended supplement.

1. Avoid eating fat

Tricia Psota, RD, a Washington DC nutritionist affirms that not all fat makes you fat. True indeed the fat found in cookies, potato chips, and oily foods contain fat and cholesterol that increases the risk of weight gain. However, it turns out the fat contained in nuts, avocados, and salmon turns out to be a fact that benefits are protecting your heart health. Precisely, good fats can help you to make a healthier quality of life.

2. Exercise on an empty stomach

The suggestion that burning calories on an empty stomach is more effective in losing weight turns out to be the wrong thing. How it turns out to actually harm your body because the combination of burning calories and empty stomach conditions can lead to reduced muscle volume.

Sometimes to fill the energy before burning calories with exercise, you replace your meal by drinking sports drinks or isotonic fluids. The way is wrong, and also dangerous for your health. Sanda Moldova, DDS, MS, CNS, a diplomat from the American Academy of Periodontology says that it does make your muscles stronger, but harmful to health in your body.

3. “Cheat day” at the weekend

You must be hearing the phrase ‘weekend it’s time for a diet’. However, it turns out you can be fooled by such a diet pattern and thwart the effort you do for five days weekdays. On weekends, we tend to sleep a lot. Imagine if you combine it with eating a lot and not controlling nutrition.

Do you think your diet is effective when you lose half a kilo in five days and you add 1 kilogram at the weekend? So, stop the weekend diet should be avoided. The best advice is, eat good food and calorie but still limit portions.

James W. Wager