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Tools and Machines required in Wood Industry

Are you interested in the timber business and want to start a business but still confused to determine and provide any equipment or machine needed? In completing the work properly and on time, a carpenter must be able to distinguish, understand and know what tools and equipment are needed and what will be used for later. One of the most important tools to optimize the work of the carpenters is best framing nailer. In addition, here we provide a list of tools and equipment for carpenters!

1. Roll Meters
It used to measure longer work pieces. Use a meter with a band made of steel to be durable. And if not used the tape will stored in the box.

2. Ruler and Pencil
The ruler used to select with steel or stainless steel material to be strong and not easily broken, durable. For pencils usually, use a special pencil for artisans with larger charcoal shapes. Pencils and rulers are used to mark or line on small wooden fields as a mark of cutting or punching.

3. The Elbow Circuit
The elbow ruler is made of steel consisting of ruler and handle. Use materials made of steel and the handle is thicker and heavier than the leaves for its use more easily and durable. The elbow ruler is used to mark or line so that the wood cutting can form an angle of 90 ° and when mounting can be straight and neat.

4. Wooden hammer
The wood hammer is used to assemble, disassemble the wooden construction and set the slop pegs on the wood media. Also used to hit the chisel so that the tip of the chisel is not damaged. Usually consists of 2 kinds, namely around wood hammer and square that form larger.

5. Iron Hammers
Iron hammers are used for the installation of hard objects or to hit spikes. Use a hammerhead hammer made of the steel material to last longer.

6. Chisel
Use a puncture sculpture that has a sturdy wooden or plastic handle and a flat tip. Its use to make a hole, flatten the hole or pen. For the hammer use a wooden hammers so that the handle of the chisel is not damaged.

7. Wood Saws
There are 2 types of saws according to their function and usage, namely: Saw and chainsaw saws. Cutting saws are used to cut or disconnect wood fibers. It has 45 ° sharpness angle and turns back and forth. While the saws are used to cut wood parallel to the fiber, saws have spans and have 60 ° sharpness.

The simple tricks to repair dents on your car at home

Have you ever experienced a minor accident incident that caused a certain part in your car dented? This condition will certainly result in your favorite car to be reduced appearance. Well, this way can also be anticipated or even a solution when the problem of dents on the car comes up. So, you do not have to bother calling a mechanic repair shop for repair body. The budget you spend is not much. So how to fix this dented car really fit to be a reference. Meanwhile, you can also visit Auto Body Shop Santa Ana CA if you want to get the best repair service for your car.

Then how to do? Check out more info below:

Hair Dryer and Carbon Dioxide Liquid

Steps to fix a dented car without body repair or first tap magic is quite easy. You just need to prepare a very simple equipment, namely in the form of Hair Dryer and liquid carbon dioxide.

Once done prepare the materials and tools used. Now live step work. First, point the Hair Dryer to the body of the car that dented earlier. Wait until the temperature becomes warm or hot. After that, spray the entire carbon dioxide into the dented part while being rearranged or pressed to return to its original shape.

Hot water

The technique of fixing the dented car parts can be regarded as a technique to fix the most dented car parts. Why? You just need to prepare hot water only. Very simple is not it ?. The second tip is actually almost the same way first, the difference in a first way using a hair dryer to flex the car body.

Prepare hot water earlier in a water jug ??container so that the process of repairing parts that dent on the car is easier. Use a cloth to put pressure on the body of the damaged car. Press gently to reshape it as before.

Rubber hammer

This method is also fairly easy and not use complicated. Yes, you only need to prepare a tool in the form of a rubber hammer. The way the position on the concave in the outer body in the press or in the knock slowly from the inside.